Nicole Yankelovich


Office Central


When: 2005.

What: Kiosk designed to promote collaboration between people attending a live event and remote event participants.

Where: Collaborative Environments Group, Sun Microsystems Laboratories.

How: Principal Investigator. Tasks included people/project management, physical design of museum installation, interaction design, paper writing, and software demonstrations.

About the Project

Using Office Central, remote workers can “advertise” their presence in public spaces within offices, such as break areas, lounges or cafeterias. The design concept developed by the Collaborative Environments team in Sun Labs was to encourage informal, unplanned interactions between remote workers and those who pass through the public spaces. We set up a prototype installation at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. It included a lounge area with an Office Central picture window display. The local people in the lounge, wearing RFID tags for identification, could chat informally with remote people using a high-fidelity, CD- quality audio channel. The virtual meeting places included audio and video content, designed to be experienced jointly by the local and remote people. Some content was also tailored to the local people, updating as they approached the picture window display.

This poster I designed provides more details on how the system worked.

Office Central Poster

Related Publication

Office central
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