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Customize My Workout

Customize My Workout home page screenshot

When: 2013.

What: Prototype website design created for Stanford online course on Technology Entrepreneurship.

How: To get a deeper understanding of the current generation of massive online courses (MOOCs), I enrolled in the Stanford Technology Entrepreneurship course taught by Chuck Eesley. The course was particularly interesting to me because it included extensive team collaboration. I organized a gathering of course participants in the Boston area and we formed two local teams. I participated in a team that pursued an idea I generated for an online service for fitness instructors to offer remote consulting services.

Although all five team members were located in the greater Boston area, we only had one face-to-face meeting. For most of our work, we collaborated using Skype and Google Docs.

I led the team through a user-centered design process which resulted in wire-frame sketches of the website created collaboratively using Google’s drawing tool. Here’s our sketch of the home page of the site.

Wireframe of Customize My Workout home page

Another team project we worked on was creating an instructional video on how to conduct customer interviews.

I created the first draft of the slides and the script. The team then worked collaboratively to edit the slides and scripts. I captured the video while another team member read the narration.



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