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Virtual Gallery

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When: 2015.

What: Set of virtual gallery spaces for high school students to customize and populate with their own content.

Where: Envisiture Consulting

How: Principal. Worked with the technology director of a private prep school along with a history teacher to conceptualize the project. I created all the 3D artwork, the virtual space, and added a variety of interactive features, all of which I designed as part of the Open Wonderland project. I also taught the students how to create their galleries and provided technical support during the class periods when they were working on their projects.

About the Project

A private boarding school in Massachusetts offers a history course on exhibit design. In this course, students research some aspect of their school’s history and use artifacts, text, and images to create an exhibit. In the past, their “exhibits” consisted of PowerPoint slides. For this iteration of the course, however, students had the opportunity to use their content to create a virtual gallery. Using avatars, other students, teachers, and parents could explore the galleries, teleporting from one student’s space to another’s through portals.

Each student started with a generic gallery that included a set of empty picture frames. To create the gallery, they dragged and dropped the content from their PowerPoint slides into each frame.


Students were also able to customize the color theme of their gallery in a way that would complement their content. They had a lot of fun with this!

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