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I have had a life-long love of photography, using it extensively in both my professional work and my personal life. I enjoy taking photos of my town. And here’s a selection of other images that I like.

Photography for Work-Related Projects

In working on the creation of virtual environments, I have had multiple opportunities to incorporate my photographs into various client projects. For example, I created a virtual version of the historic Japanese House located inside the Boston Children’s Museum:

Scene from Virtual Japanese House

I composed the scene above from hundreds of photos I took with the help of the museum curators. Here are a few examples of the “raw” photos that I used to create the textures for some of the 3D models:

4 shots of interior of Japanese House

Photography Outside of Work

I am the team photographer for my daughter’s high school varsity soccer team.

Soccer header with fall foliage

In capturing action shots, I try to use my long lens to bring viewers into the action with a players-eye-view of the scene.

Soccer action shot

A collection of soccer best shots is on a website I put together for the team that provides an easy way for the kids to find photos they are in and to post their favorites to Facebook. I created a similar site for my daughter’s equestrian team.

Horse jumping over fence

For several years I have been collecting backyard garden and wildlife photographs which I hope to publish as a collection. Here are a few of my favorite shots.


Particularly with wildlife, the camera provides a way to see nature from a much closer vantage point than is typically possible.

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