Nicole Yankelovich



Over the course of my career, I have done a lot of writing and public speaking. Almost all my published work is listed on my

In addition to these publications, I have also written a tremendous amount of technical documentation, produced numerous demo videos, created a variety of web sites, written grant proposals, and given many presentations.

I have included a selection of demo videos on this web site, but you can see more examples on YouTube and Vimeo:

You can also see several public web sites that I designed and maintain. For these sites, I did the information architecture and wrote most of the content. I hired a graphic artist to design the logos and page layouts.

Sadly the many web pages I created and maintained in the Sun Microsystems domain are no longer available.

I also maintain a number of related social media sites, writing a considerable amount of content for these sites.

You can see samples of some of my public presentations:

I have written literally 100s of pages of documentation and tutorials. Having never had the resources to hire a technical writer, I have written documentation for every project described on this web site. The Intermedia documentation alone was several hundred pages long. You can see samples of my work on the

Many different people have contributed to this wiki, but I have written a substantial number of the guides and tutorials for end users, system administrators, and content developers. Here are four of the most heavily used documents which I have written:

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