Nicole Yankelovich


UX / Interaction Design

My passion is for designing interactive systems. I can never look at an app, a web site, or a gadget without thinking about how it could be improved. As I related in the About page, I discovered my passion for software design while authoring a hypertext electronic book in 1982. More than 30 years later, I still feel a sense of excitement reviewing user research data with my team, brainstorming design ideas, and illustrating those ideas with wire-frame sketches – or dialogs in the case of speech UIs.

Seeing a design come to life is exhilarating. I love testing new software. As the engineers who have worked for me will attest, I am happy to test their new code daily, or even more frequently. I have a knack for ferreting out bugs, finding edge cases, and uncovering design flaws. While none of my teams have adhered to a strict agile methodology, we have always embraced building features incrementally so we can test and iterate frequently.

The Portfolio links on the right side of this page provide a representative sampling of the software I have designed over the years. Each project page explains my role in the project and most pages include video demos of the software that show the interaction design.

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