Nicole Yankelovich


What I Can Do For You

Over the course of my career, I have had the opportunity to wear many different hats and accumulate a range of skills. I am a versatile team player with excellent communication skills. I have the ability to see what needs to be done and then figure out a way to get it done. I work hard, have high standards, and get along well with others, particularly engineers and creative talent.

For a start-up, I can:

  • Help to formulate an effective business strategy
  • Help establish a company culture that values trust, personal responsibility, and enjoyment
  • Public-facing presentations and demos
  • Manage projects and people, particularly engineers
  • Design software
  • Come up with ideas for new products or product improvements
  • Conduct quick usability tests and iterate on the software design
  • Design, create, and manage web properties
  • Write documentation
  • Write, direct, and produce demo videos
  • Run training sessions to teach customers how to use a product
  • Prepare sales and marketing materials
  • Effectively use social media to further the company’s mission
  • Oversee administrative/operational aspects of the company including recruiting and hiring

For a consulting or professional services company, I can:

  • Quickly get up-to-speed on a client’s project
  • Be the go-to person or public face of a project
  • Conduct interviews with key stakeholders to understand different perspectives and help get buy-in for a project
  • Conduct user research
  • Run effective brainstorming sessions
  • Articulate multiple possible solutions to solve a client’s problem using wire-frames, mock-ups, or video as necessary
  • Educate clients about the design process, distance collaboration, or how to use specific tools
  • Develop a good rapport clients and project team members, keeping lines of communication open
  • Manage engineers, designers, artists, writers, or contractors
  • Write up design documents, reports, or documentation as needed
  • See a project through from start to finish

For an established company, I can:

  • Hypertext patent consulting
  • Work with the executive team on strategy issues
  • Manage people and projects
  • Conduct user research
  • Create “wire-frames” to present different software design options to stakeholders
  • Design software
  • Conceptualize, design, and oversee web sites
  • Give presentations and demos
  • Write proposals and reports
  • Run webinars or training sessions
  • Prepare written, graphic or video materials for the marketing and PR departments
  • Teach effective distance collaboration, brainstorming, wire-frame creation, or user research and usability testing techniques
  • Help improve internal communication and distance collaboration
  • Work with facilities to optimize physical space for effective collaboration

For a research organization, I can:

  • Envision different possible futures
  • Develop new project ideas
  • Write internal or external proposals
  • Manage projects
  • Design prototypes and work closely with an engineering team to build them
  • Design and conduct research studies
  • Write academic research papers
  • Disseminate information using social media and video
  • Give presentations and demos


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